Alastair McKenzie

I work freelance at the intersection of Social & Travel Media is a simple landing & distribution page. Here you can see what I do and where to find & connect with me...


Thumbnail Mechtraveller Is my niche blog about 'mechanically minded travel'. It focuses on the mechanical, technical, historical, engineering and military world.
Thumbnail Travel-Lists has been my main website since before the millennium. It looks like a directory but it is distinguishable in one very important respect - only I write what's on it. The 'lists' are lists of companies and organisations that I would send to someone (friend/rellie) who asked be about a travel destination or topic. They are selected by me because I think they are worth knowing about. It also has a blog, travel news items and news of bargains and special offers. It is aimed specifically at a British audience.
NB. It is currently (May 2017) offline, undergoing a rebuild & platform change.
Thumbnail Traveldudes I write blogger/social media/industry news & editorial for the Traveldudes blog.

Hangouts on Air (Archive)

Thumbnail Travel Coffee Break Youtube Channel The Travel Coffee Break was a regular weekly 'live' Hangout on Air (HOA) for and about the travel & tourism media and industry. It ran for three years until Oct 2015. This is the Youtube channel where those episodes are archived.


Thumbnail Captivate I am a member of the Captivate professional blogger collective, which includes some of the best known and most influential travel bloggers, videographers and digital storytellers in the world. We create digital content aimed at discerning 30-plus travellers in the UK.
Thumbnail British Guild of Travel Writers I have been a pro-active member (on the Board) of the BGTW since 2001. The 60 year-old Guild is an association of professional travel journalists, broadcasters, photographers, bloggers and influencers. I am currently Chairman (since Jan 2016).

Social Media

Thumbnail Facebook I have never really liked Facebook, but it's where the rest of the world lives so I'm here too, with pages for and, and I particularly like posting 360° images and using FB 'Live'.
Thumbnail Google + I know it's supposed to be a backwater, but G+ is a much better platform than FB, and I have always prefered it - especially for its collections and communities.
Thumbnail Twitter Love Twitter! Have been active since I joined in June 2008.
Thumbnail LinkedIn I don't use Linked In anything like as much as I should, given that it is the focus for my training, consultancy & public speaking activities.
Thumbnail Pinterest I have a couple of boards on Pinterest.
Thumbnail Instagram I really should use Instagram more than I do.

About Me

I'm a travel journalist with one foot in traditional media and the other in social media.

I've been a radio travel journalist since 1989 (Devonair Radio & Classic FM), and an online travel journalist since 1999 (Paprika audio features,,

Since 2010 I have been an active member of the travel blogger & social media community and a regular speaker at social media conferences. I was Strategic Editor for

I've been a member and webmaster of the British Guild of Travel Writers since 2001 (and on committee for most of those years). I am currently the Chairman.